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Eating for Beauty

Beauty is subjective. However, looking radiant, well, happy, and clear is definitely beautiful, no matter who the beholder is! Beauty is beyond appearances; beauty is a feeling. In fact, to the Greeks, Beauty is a sign of Divinity! And, doesn't it makes sense?

When I recognize the divinity within myself, I treat my body with that level of respect, and in turn, actually increase my physical beauty!

Beauty is not perfect, beauty is not a trend, and beauty is attainable by all. Always know that the beauty you see in someone else does not diminish your own; we are all unique and that is part of our own beauty! Now, let's talk some tips to make your skin, hair, and eyes project YOUR divinity!

When discussing foods for beauty with my Raw Nutrition clients, I teach in terms of: Sulphur, Vitamin C, Silica, Iron, Manganese, and minerals. Basically, mineral makeup from the inside out.






Hemp Seeds

Durian (love it or hate it, it's on the list!)



Amla (gooseberries, Incan Berries)

We know Vitamin C is incredible for helping our body to produce collagen. Actually, it helps HEAL collagen. Huh? Vitamin C, found in Amla, stops enzyme-degrading collagen that can be secreted by viruses and cancers. So, I suggest, instead of wasting hundreds of dollars on collagen supplements and topical Vitamin C, allow your body to strengthen and heal it's own with adding Amla berries into your diet (they're delicious, btw!).

You can't spell Olives with out o-i-l.

I'm not a huge advocate of using processed oils. Instead, I'm big on promoting superfoods that contain gorgeous oils, like olives and hemp seeds. Not only is oil an incredible beauty food, but it helps our bodies absorb the minerals better from the foods we are eating, resulting in better efficiency of our body systems. The truth is, no one looks good dminished and fading. Skip the fat injections and naturally give skin a luscious plump look by nourishing it with oil-rich foods.

THE SECRET? These high-oil foods need to be RAW and Organic. You will not find the same results with cooked, dead food.

If you'd like learn so much more about Raw Foods for beauty, ultimate wellness, longevity, and unleashing your power, I invite you to join me in Costa Rica this April, where I'm hosting a luxury Women's Retreat! We'll go over all forms of self care and diet, but will also dig deep spiritually to bring out the inner goddess (that's YOUR Divinity!!). `

Remember, we are all Divinity in Disguise. We came here to help each other and live the lives of our dreams! Allow me to help guide you to your best you!

For more details, click here:

I wish you ALL the best of HEALTH, LOVE, and ABUNDANCE in all ways!!


Andrea Lowell

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