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Yummy Reproductive Health Tips!!

With so much frustration out there with Reproductive Health, many clients of mine forget that it really starts with them! By adding some incredibly nourishing superfoods to the diet, that provide the reproductive organs with the phytonutrients they need to work their best, we can take a step closer to true reproductive health!

Let's start with what to avoid!

Did you know that all reproductive organs are sensitive to carcinogens like Mercury and Pesticides? Oh, yeah. They are. From petrochemicals (like pesticides), vaccines (thermisol preservative), and silver colored tooth fillings (amalgam), Mercury can stifle reproductive health. Pesticides are the absolute worst for reproductive health, so make sure you're buying Biodynamic or Organic produce and grocery items. What an easy fix to that problem!! Mercury filings are a bit more challenging to correct, so if you're in need of removal, find a Bio Dentist who is trained in removing them. If you want more information on Mercury filling toxicity, click here).

Sulphur and Mercury are opposites of each other, so Sulphur is a great way to pull dangerous Mercury from the body. Look to MSM, Zeolites, and Fulvic Acid. Fulvic Acid opens up the space needed in the body for Zinc, Selenium, and trace minerals to get in and get you healing!!

A Raw Food Diet and/or juicing will be an easy way to assist the body in detoxing from currently present pesticides and toxins that can interfere with your reproductive health! Juicing will be the most powerful. Also, herbal intestinal cleaning programs, that you can buy at health stores and online, are extremely helpful! If you'd like my help to embark on a raw diet, click here.

Ok, now to the FUN STUFF! Things we can add into our diets to really ramp up the reproductive wellness! Bee Pollen is great for fertility! Just make sure you're not allergic! Buy some local, fresh bee pollen, put a granule inside your lower lip and let it stay there. If there is no adverse reaction in a few minutes, you're good to go! Add bee pollen to shakes and smoothies, top your fave cereals and desserts, or you can just pop it into your mouth and eat it raw! Bee pollen does have an energizing effect, so don't take at night! I usually take bee pollen before I work out!

There is nothing better than Maca, however! Maca supports your hormones, increases libido, decreases PMS symptoms, and is overall the BEST for reproductive health! It's strong stuff, so be careful and do your research! Start with small doses! It's also provides incredible endurance, so again, don't take at night! Maca is also sulphuric...awesome for thyroid health and that pesky mercury removal! Always look for RAW, ORGANIC maca! It's easy to add to any elixir, shake or smoothie, or dessert!

​Ok, guys, this one's for you! All coconut products are incredible for male reproductive health! To build reproductive fluids in men, fresh coconut meat is excellent! Many markets carry fresh coconuts, so get cracking! Also, nuts and seeds are really good for your nuts and seed! I'm talking any and all nuts and seeds! Again, RAW and ORGANIC is the way to go! But, truly, nothing beats the coconut for the guys! Be careful, if you want to use coconut oil as lubricant (which is a great choice, by the way), know that coconut oil can break down the latex in condoms.

All in all, incorporating some of these raw, organic superfoods into your diet will be an easy way for your to do your part in the reproductive journey! I wish you ALL the best in your efforts! If you and your partner would like to learn more, deepen your connection, and expand your relationship in all realms of health, consciousness, and spirituality, I invite you to join my April 2018 Conscious Couples Retreat in Costa Rica! Details can be found here:

​To your Health!!

With Love, Light, and Wellness,


Andrea Lowell, Certified Raw Nutritionist and Personal Trainer Superfit by Andrea, LLC.

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