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Travel with Me!! Worldwide Retreats!!

My Upgrade to Raw program has been a huge success! Thank you for your passion to be the best versions of yourselves, starting with diet! Lifestyle is how we win the wellness game, 100%!

SO many people want my in-person services, but there just isn't enough me! I have a beautiful Personal Training and Nutrition business, where I see clients one-on-one, here in Los Angeles.

But, some beautiful have synchronicities aligned, and I'm now SOOOOO happy to announce that I'll be facilitating retreats, mainly as a Wellness Coach, all over the world!

The first one? A Conscious Couples Retreat!

So, if you're in a partnership and would like to take it to the next level, this one is for you! Spiritual, Physical, and Emotional health...this is not to be me!

Conscious Life Retreats

To my ladies, I have a Women's retreat coming up in Costa Rica, the last week of April...and some fun stuff for everyone in Ojai in the following months! After that? ALL OVER THE DAMN WORLD!! STAY TUNED!!

Click HERE to learn al about the Couples Retreat!

Love, Light, and Wellness,


Andrea Lowell,



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