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Raw Papaya Ceviche

Eat ABUNDANTLY!!!! Don't restrict!! Enjoy the most delicious foods on earth, guilt free!!

Raw Papaya Ceviche! Andrea Lowell Recipe


**Most items can be found seasonally at your local grocery store, or at a Mexican Market!

•Coconut Meat from 1 young coconut, chopped to your liking (if you do not have access to coconuts, you can just add more avocado...great problem to have!)

• 1/2 Fully Ripe Papaya, Skinned and chopped to your liking (keep a small amount of black seeds for their medicinal benefits! They are bitter and look like peppercorns)

•Jicama, use about 3 square inches, skin and chop

•Avocado, chop

•Cucumber, (I recommend 2 Persian cukes for this, but you can use any type you'd like!), chop

•Red Jalapeno, finely slice and chop (use as much or as little to your own spice level prefrence)

• Red Onion, 1/4 chopped

•Cilantro, 7-8 stalks, chop

•Chili Powder (a few dashes)

•Garlic Powder (a few dashes)

•Sea Salt (I use Icelandic, but any sea salt will do), to taste

•2 fresh limes, squeezed (I always cut a bit of the pulp out for a few zingy suprises in the dish!)

Mix everything up! Either eat immediately, or let sit in fridge to get the flavors more robust! This is a great dish to take to a party, as EVERYONE will love it! Raw dishes are FLEXIBLE...If you dont have an ingredient, omit or use something else. You want to throw more in there? Go for it! I often make this same Ceviche with ripe mango and red bell pepper! Delish!


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Best of health, everyone!!!



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