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Raw Diet? But what do you eat, though?

Fully Raw, Plant-Based Tostadas Platter

The most common question I get (OK, 2nd common, after "Where do I get my protein?" Answer: Plants) is, "What do you eat?" Again, my answer is "Plants."

It may seem boring, but I assure, Raw is the furthest thing from it. You see, I'm a foodie.

I'm one of those people who reads menus for fun, travels for food, and will drive 60 min in LA traffic for my favorite lunch spot!

I assure you the Raw Lifestyle does not compromise the experience of truly loving and enjoying food, in fact, it enhances it!

I keep my kitchen and pantry stocked with organic, fresh foods, so that I can make whatever I want, whenever I want.

Often, I'm inspired by something I saw on IG or one of my Upgrade to Raw clients, and then, since my kitchen is always loaded, I can start on the culinary journey.

Raw is easy; there is no cooking. It's just cutting, spiralizing (if you wish), shredding, using a mandolin (if you wish), soaking (if you wish), etc., or just plain eating the food item whole, like a ripe, juicy mango!

Many of my clients are so worried about the "prep time" for raw foods. But, think about it, aside from culturing your own raw cheese or dehydrating homemade protein bars, there is really not much time spent prepping, if you keep it simple and goal oriented!

Raw Superfood Cereal

Let's take a look at this Superfood Cereal I whipped up.

I received comments like, "How long did that take you?"

The answer: 7 minutes, and only because I was trying to make it look pretty for Instagram! All I did was chop an apple, add superfoods (sprouted watermelon seeds, golden berries, raw cacao nibs, and some other goodies).

The mylk I used? Some dehydrated coconut cream and water- 5 seconds in my high-powered blender. No oil used, so just a quick rinse for clean up.

Don't know about you, but it seems like this whole raw diet thing is not only incredibly healthy, but also really simple and time saving!

Getting to your goal is EASY. We need to identify your goal, hash out your current diet, and come up with a Raw Food plan customized for YOU. Set up a Strategy Session (free) with me, if you haven't already!

Let's stop delaying your progress and start thriving with health!!



Mobile Readers: Click the menu at the top left and hit Upgrade to Raw, if you're ready to roll!

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