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The Journey to Eating Raw, Organic Superfoods!

Most of my clients have a hard time believing I was once battling my weight, ate atrociously, and drank like a sailor. But the truth is, I’ve come a long way and I’m not looking back. Over the years, despite knowing the truth deep inside my soul, I tried everything ELSE to manage my weight and health. I bought this “diet” pill, ate these “health” foods, went “low carb,” counted calories, ad infinitum…None of it was sustainable. I finally decided to practice what I’d been researching since I was 17 years old: that food is medicine.

When my Grandma died from an infection, that she contracted from the hospital (while there for a lung cancer biopsy), I began my pursuit to never get cancer and build up my immunity. I read books, articles, and studies on the way diet affects our health, specifically related toward the propensity for cancers. I immediately began implementing many of these dietary techniques, but not fully embracing a lifestyle of wellness.

Over the following years, I worked out regularly, even had personal trainers. I avoided red meat and took a few anti-cancer supplements in pill form. However, I still ate junk/fake/processed foods, smoked cigarettes, “partied,” drank soda and alcohol, and told myself over and over that “I’m still young and my body will be able to handle the toxic overload and adrenal fatigue.” I was so comfortable living in my lie, because I didn’t want to give up the things I loved the most…the things that were destroying my health.

In 2003 I went “Soda Sober!” YAY! In 2005 I went “McDonald’s Sober!” I was slowly upgrading my diet, but not by much. After my really poor lifestyle habits began to catch up with me (weight gain, insomnia, warped perceptions, etc), I knew I had to make some serious changes. I started eating as raw and as clean as a whistle, to bring neutrality to my toxic lifestyle. I fully understood, through my never-ending research on nutritional health and fitness, how acidic my body must have been (and the diseases I was feeding).

In 2012, I was sick and tired of being sick and tired. I became a personal trainer myself, I cut the booze and smoking, went fully Raw, and ate a diet comprised of roughly 90% superfoods. WOWEEEEE! I had no idea how incredible my body was designed to feel! I ate this way for a year, and then after I knew my body was detoxed (acne gone, incredibly restorative sleep, bursting with energy, mental clarity, etc), I began to eat mostly raw and plant based, and still incorporating superfoods as a major part of my diet.

I do not expect anyone to emulate what I did, nor do I think anyone’s story is similar too mine. But know this: I am a fitness EXPERT. I completely believe in the power of diet and superfoods. I have (and still do) ongoing research on these subjects. The only thing I ask you is to please stop prolonging the suffering, as I did, when the information is right here! Let me guide you to your best health! I love you all so much! Let’s collectively raise our vibration, by living a high vibrational life starting with the foods we put in our body and the physical effort to be as functionally strong as possible! Oh, yeah, you’ll also look INCREDIBLE!!!!

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