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Fully Raw Vegetarian and Vegan Protein for Fitness and Body Building? No Whey!

How many times have we heard, "You cannot meet your fitness goals if you're not eating lean animal protein?" "Supplement with these protein bars and drink these protein shakes before bed. Oh, and eat more chicken."


Fuck off.

Well, I've heard it WAY to many times from my personal trainers over the years...and guess what? My body is lean and sculpted, with no meat or all. I work out LESS than all of them do, too! My digestion is impeccable, my sleep is deeper, and my energy is through the roof! So, why were THEY wrong? Why is almost everyone wrong about "fitness nutrition" and our obsession with unseasoned chicken breast and gas-causing shakes? Without getting too much into the larger conspiracy surrounding our "health" and food recommendations, I will just say this: we've all been lied to.

Everyone's protein needs are different and do change throughout their lives. I have found that since eliminating meat and dairy as protein sources, my plant-based protein sources (superfoods, mostly) are far superior. Research shows that when we COOK chicken, fish, etc., 50 % of the protein value is lost IMMEDIATELY. No one tells you that, do they? Heating, grilling, and cooking food radically changes the nutrient contents, so the protein you think you're getting, is actually what you would have gotten, if you ate that slimy chicken breast raw. To add salt to the wound, the bioavailability of the remaining protein value decreases to less than half of the left over protein, roughly 40% of the 50%. No wonder meat eaters have to "eat so much" to make gains and I'm over here drinking a spirulina, hemp, avocado, and chaga smoothie like, "My muscles have never been more dense, sculpted, and defined and my booty gains are undeniable!"

I write this because I was told repeatedly that I'd never get my glutes bigger (or reach my strength goals) without eating meat or dairy. That's absolute bullshit. I get the BEST PROTEIN ON THE PLANET. I'm not force feeding myself, dealing with the smelly...aftermath of whey or casein protein drinks. I'm not tracking my macros! I do not count calories or even look at nutritional labels. #aintnobodygottimeforthat


You wouldn't put regular, unleaded economy fuel in a Ferrari. And, I dunno about you, but I'm trying to live my life in a Ferrari body, not a busted jalopy with the bumper hanging off.

Click here to go to Andrea's SUPERFOODS Youtube Channel.


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