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About Andrea Lowell


Andrea Lowell, Personal Trainer and Raw Nutritionist

Superfoods + Super Workouts = SuperFit

Andrea is a conscious and holistic functional Personal Fitness Trainer dedicated to your personal evolution. She is a Certified Raw Nutritionist specializing in superfoods and plant-based nutrition to elevate your physical, spiritual, and mental wellbeing. Her experience and understanding will enable you to elevate to your healthiest and most vibrant version of you.

If you were waiting for a sign, this is it. If you're vibing on this level, the time is now to connect. If you're uncertain or scared of change, stop hesitating and let's do this!

Connect with her Facebook  and Instagram pages for the latest videos on superfoods, exercises, and the conscious lifestyle.


Exercise is not a punishment. Reward your body by taking it to new heights. Improve your posture, strength, endurance and mobility (and look great doing it). Private Training, Online Programs, and Group Training/Adventures available. 

Raw Nutrition

You don't have be a vegan to reap the benefits of incorporating the world's best plant-based superfoods into your diet. Let Andrea help you find exactly what you need to up your immunity, muscle tone, energy, and spirit.


Travel with Andrea and her stellar team of Conscious wellness facilitators to dream destinations like Costa Rica and Ojai! Increase Spirituality, Health, and Wellness in new and enriching ways! Retreats for Couples, Women, and all like-minded individuals are welcome to the ongoing retreats offered by Andrea and her team!


Andrea is currently retired from Personal Training, but is always available for private and group nutrition coaching or lessons, as well as offers her signature program, "Upgrade to Raw."


Andrea is also an avid hiker & backpacker and welcomes small groups of all levels to join her on adventures.  








Check out the RETREATS page for conscious and spiritual wellness retreats!


If you'd like a Phone Consultation, Andrea offers 45 min phone sessions for $80. Set up your phone appointment

You can book Andrea as a Raw Chef at your next event! Please email



Andrea is available as a live speaker, talk show guest, retreat chef or facilitator, or as on-air talent.

Please send booking and appearance requests to

For modeling bookings, please contact Andrea's agent


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